What to Expect

Everyone is Welcome House of Light Church is known as a caring, friendly congregation. Our atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Our people are approachable and non-judgmental. Our focus is relationship, not religion.   You don’t have to have it all together to worship with us. We are not perfect and…

Who We Are

Our Focus More than anything, the House of Light Church is a fellowship – a group of people living life together while pursuing a meaningful relationship with an amazing Savior. We’re the first to admit we’re not perfect, far from it actually, and that’s something we take pride in, though…

Meet Our Pastor

KEN J. GORDON, JR.   KEN J. GORDON, JR., or Pastor Ken, as he is known by his members, is a pastor, best-selling author, business executive, husband, father, and community leader, whose entire life has been dedicated to the service of others.    Pastor Ken, who was licensed, ordained, and…

Times & Directions

The truth is that the church isn’t a building – it’s a group of people that gather to celebrate the love of Jesus for humankind  as shown through his sacrifice on the cross, and go forth to tell all  people that there is hope in this life because Jesus is alive….

Tithes & Offertory Confession

† Lord I present my tithes and offering to your storehouse as a gift of obedience, praise, and love; † Because of my obedience, I challenge you, according to your Word, to throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out blessings I will not have room enough to receive….